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Archive, Fall 2011

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Fall, 2011 NeuroImaging Journal Club Meeting Schedule

  • Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 2pm; Mellon Institute Social Room (3rd floor) Presented by Guillaume Lemaitre (postdoc - CMU, Psychology) - fMRI of Auditory Action/Object Perception
    • Stephen R. Arnott, Jonathan S. Cant, Gordon N. Dutton, Melvyn A. Goodale (2008). Crinkling and crumpling: An auditory fMRI study of material properties, NeuroImage, 43(2):368-378. htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Sept 27 @ 2pm; CNBC Classoom (MI 130) Presented by Jeff Phillips (graduate student - Pitt, LRDC/Psychology) - Validation of Diffusion Weighted Imaging-Based Fiber Tractography
    • Fillard, P., Descoteaux, M., Goh, A., Gouttard, S., Jeurissen, B., Malcolm, J., Ramirez-Manzanares, A., et al. (2011). Quantitative evaluation of 10 tractography algorithms on a realistic diffusion MR phantom. NeuroImage, 56(1), 220-234. htmlpdf
    • Nowinski, W. L., Chua, B. C., Yang, G. L., & Qian, G. Y. (2011). Three-Dimensional Interactive and Stereotactic Human Brain Atlas of White Matter Tracts. Neuroinformatics. htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Oct 11 @ 2pm; CNBC Classoom (MI 130) Presented by Arava Kallai (postdoc - Pitt, LRDC/Psychology) - fMRI as a Tool for Studying Learning
    • Dorjee D, Bowers JS (2011). What can fMRI tell us about the locus of learning? Cortex. (Epub ahead of print) htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Oct 25 @ 2pm; CNBC Classoom (MI 130) Presented by Tim Verstynen (postdoc - Pitt, LRDC/Psychology) - Improper Calculation of Interactions in Neuroscience Research
    • Nieuwenhuis S, Forstmann BU, Wagenmakers EJ (2011). Erroneous analyses of interactions in neuroscience: a problem of significance. Nat Neurosci. 14(9):1105-7. htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Nov 8; NO MEETING (Society for Neuroscience Meeting)
  • Tuesday, Nov 22 @ 2pm; CNBC Classoom (MI 130) Presented by Thomas Kraynak (RA - CMU, Social & Decision Sciences) - NeuroImaging Meta-Analyses
    • Salimi-Khorshidi, G., Smith, S. M., Keltner, J. R., Wager, T. D., & Nichols, T. E. (2009). Meta-analysis of neuroimaging data: a comparison of image-based and coordinate-based pooling of studies. NeuroImage, 45(3), 810-823. htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Dec 6 @ 2pm; CNBC Classoom (MI 130) Presented by Elissa Aminoff (postdoc - CMU, CNBC) - fMRI Adaptation vs. Pattern Classification
    • Epstein, R., & Morgan, L. (in press). Neural responses to visual scenes reveals inconsistencies between fMRI adaptation and multivoxel pattern analysis. Neuropsychologia. htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Dec 20 @ 2pm; CNBC Classoom (MI 130) Presented by Stephen Foldes (postdoc - Pitt, Human Rehab. & Neural Engineering Ctr.) - Using MEG combined with MR Tractography
    • Gaetz, W. et al. (2010). Mapping of the cortical spinal tracts using magnetoencephalography and diffusion tensor tractography in pediatric brain tumor patients. Child’s nervous system : ChNS : official journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery, 26(11), pp.1639-45.htmlpdf