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Archive, Spring 2010

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Spring, 2010 NeuroImaging Journal Club Meeting Schedule

  • Tues, January 12 @ 3pm; CNBC Social Room Presented by John Pyles & Adam Greenberg (co-Organizers)
    • Organizational meeting.
  • Tues, January 26 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Adam Greenberg (postdoc, Psychology-CMU) & John Pyles (postdoc, CNBC-CMU) - Pattern Classification as Hyperacuity?
    • J.D. Swisher, J.C. Gatenby, J.C. Gore, B.A.Wolfe, C.H.Moon, S.G. Kim, F.Tong. (2010). Multiscale pattern analysis of orientation-selective activity in the primary visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. 30(1):325-330. htmlpdf
    • Op de Beeck, H. P. (2010). Against hyperacuity in brain reading: Spatial smoothing does not hurt multivariate fMRI analyses? NeuroImage, 49, 1943-1948. pdf
      • [optional] Op de Beeck, H. P. (In Press). Probing the mysterious underpinnings of multi-voxel fMRI analyses. NeuroImage, 49, 1943-1948. doc
  • Tues, February 9 @ 2pm; CNBC Social Room (MI 3rd floor) Presented by Tim Verstynen (postdoc, Psychology-Pitt) - Combining Structural & Functional NeuroImaging Data
  • NOTE: Meeting postponed until Tues, February 16 @ 2pm
    • Bullmore E, Sporns O. (2009). Complex brain networks: graph theoretical analysis of structural and functional systems. Nat Rev Neurosci. 10(3):186-98. htmlpdf
      • Erratum in: Nat Rev Neurosci. 2009 Apr;10(4):312. html
      • [optional] Hagmann P, Cammoun L, Gigandet X, Meuli R, Honey CJ, et al. (2008) Mapping the structural core of human cerebral cortex. PLoS Biol 6(7): 1479-93. htmlpdf
  • Tues, February 23 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Jorge Almeida (postdoc, UPMC) - Connectivity Analyses of fMRI Data
    • David O, Guillemain I, Saillet S, Reyt S, Deransart C, et al. (2008) Identifying neural drivers with functional MRI: an electrophysiological validation. PLoS Biol 6(12). html pdf
      • [optional] Friston K (2009) Causal modelling and brain connectivity in functional magnetic resonance imaging. PLoS Biol 7(2). html pdf
  • Tues, March 2 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Adrian Nestor (postdoc, Psychology-CMU) - Neural Network Models of fMRI Data
    • Cowell, R., Huber, D., and Cottrell, G.W. (2009) Virtual brain reading: A connectionist approach to understanding fMRI. In Proceedings of the 31st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. pdf
      • [optional] Jiang, X., Rosen, E., Zeffiro, T., VanMeter, J., Blanz, V., & Riesenhuber, M. (2006). Evaluation of a Shape-Based Model of Human Face Discrimination Using fMRI and Behavioral Techniques. Neuron 50: 159-172. html pdf
  • Tues, March 23 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Lei Sheu (postdoc, UPMC) - Data Reproducibility in fMRI
  • NOTE: Meeting postponed until Tues, March 30 @ 2pm
    • Duncan K.J., Pattamadilok C., Knierim I., Devlin J.T. (2009). Consistency and variability in functional localisers. NeuroImage, 46 (4), pp. 1018-1026. html pdf
      • [optional] Thirion B., Pinel P., Meriaux S., Roche A., Dehaene S., Poline J.-B. (2007). Analysis of a large fMRI cohort: Statistical and methodological issues for group analyses. NeuroImage 35 (1), pp. 105-120. html pdf
  • Tues, April 6 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Arava Kallai (postdoc, Psychology-Pitt) - Models of Neural Repetition Effects
  • NOTE: Meeting postponed until Tues, April 13 @ 2pm
    • Kalanit Grill-Spector, Richard Henson, Alex Martin, Repetition and the brain: neural models of stimulus-specific effects, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2006, Pages 14-23. html pdf