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Archive, Spring 2011

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Spring, 2011 NeuroImaging Journal Club Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, May 17 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Adam Greenberg (postdoc, Psychology-CMU) - Neural Correlates of a Random Walk Model using MEG

    • Hermine Wenzlaff, Markus Bauer, Burkhard Maess, and Hauke R. Heekeren (2011). Neural Characterization of the Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff in a Perceptual Decision-Making Task, J. Neurosci., 31:1254-1266.htmlpdf
    • (optional background) Ratcliff, R. (1978). A theory of memory retrieval. Psychological Review, 85, 59-108.pdf
    • (shorter optional background) Ratcliff, R., & Rouder, J.N. (1998). Modeling response times for two-choice decisions. Psychological Science, 9, 347-356.pdf
  • Tuesday, April 12 @ 2:15pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Elli Kanal (postdoc, CNBC) - Dynamic Causal Modeling in Neuroimaging
    • Brázdil M, Mikl M, Marecek R, Krupa P, Rektor I (2007). Effective connectivity in target stimulus processing: a dynamic causal modeling study of visual oddball task. Neuroimage, 35(2):827-35.htmlpdf
    • (optional background #1) Stephan, K. E., Harrison, L. M., Kiebel, S. J., David, O., Penny, W. D., and Friston, K. J. (2007). Dynamic causal models of neural system dynamics:current state and future extensions. J Biosci, 32(1):129–144.htmlpdf
    • (optional background #2) David, O., Kiebel, S. J., Harrison, L. M., Mattout, J., Kilner, J. M., and Friston, K. J. (2006). Dynamic causal modeling of evoked responses in eeg and meg. Neuroimage, 30(4):1255–1272.htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, March 29 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Sarah Schipul (grad. student, Psychology-CMU) - Effective Connectivity changes in Learning
    • Büchel, C. , Coull, J. T., & Friston, K. J. (1999). The predictive value of changes in effective connectivity for human learning. Science, 283, 1538-1541.htmlpdf
    • (optional) Booth, J.R., Mehdiratta, N., Burma, D.D., & Bitan, T. (2008). Developmental increases in effective connectivity to brain regions involved in phonological processing during tasks with orthographic demands. Brain Research, 1189, 78-89.htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, March 15 @ 2pm; CNBC Classroom (MI 130) Presented by Lindsay Victoria (grad. student, Psychology-CMU) - Neural Mechanisms of TMS
    • Schwarzkopf DS, Silvanto J, Rees G (2011). Stochastic resonance effects reveal the neural mechanisms of transcranial magnetic stimulation. "J Neurosci." 31(9):3143-7.htmlpdf
    • Ruzzoli M, Marzi CA, Miniussi C (2010). The neural mechanisms of the effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation on perception. "J Neurophysiol." 103(6):2982-9.htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, March 1 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Ran Liu (grad. student, Psychology-CMU) - Comparison of MEG & fMRI during reading
    • Vartiainen J, Liljeström M, Koskinen M, Renvall H, and Salmelin R (2011). Functional magnetic resonance imaging blood oxygenation level-dependent signal and magnetoencephalography evoked responses yield different neural functionality in reading. The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(3):1048-1058.htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, February 15 @ 2pm; CNBC Classroom (MI 130) Presented by Daniel Leeds (grad. student, CNBC-CMU) - A closer look at SVM analyses of fMRI data
    • Etzel JA, Valchev N, Keysers C. The impact of certain methodological choices on multivariate analysis of fMRI data with support vector machines. (2011) NeuroImage. 54(2): 1159-67.htmlpdf
  • Tuesday, Feburary 1 @ 2pm; CNBC Conference Room (MI 115) Presented by Luba Zeifman (grad. student, Statistics-CMU) - DTI Estimation Methods
    • Koay CG, Chang LC, Carew JD, Pierpaoli C, Basser PJ (2006). A unifying theoretical and algorithmic framework for least squares methods of estimation in diffusion tensor imaging. J Magn Reson,182(1):115-25. htmlpdf
    • (optional) Thomas C, Avidan G, Humphreys K, Jung KJ, Gao F, Behrmann M (2009). Reduced structural connectivity in ventral visual cortex in congenital prosopagnosia. Nat Neurosci, 12(1):29-31. htmlpdf