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* [http://visionscience.com/vsImages.html The Vision Science images & movies links page]
* [http://visionscience.com/vsImages.html The Vision Science images & movies links page]
==='''Links to scene datasets'''===
* [http://tofu.psych.upenn.edu/~upennidb/ UPenn Natural Image Database, ~4000 natural scenes from baboon habitat in Botswana (calibrated)]

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  • The Bank of Standardized Stimuli (BOSS), a New Set of 480 Normative Photos of Objects to Be Used as Visual Stimuli in Cognitive Research

Links to object datasets not hosted at CNBC

  • Computer Vision Test Images
  • Caltech-UCSD Birds 200
  • Object and Scene stimuli from Josh Goh
  • Cultural database of pictorial stimuli

Links to scene datasets


  • Face Recognition Homepage Databases
  • Resources for Face Detection
  • The Center for Vital Longevity Face Database

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